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You Receive Not Because You Ask Not!

When it comes to driving your business, you want to have a couple of  magical things happen:

  1. You want your customers to become even better customers
  2. You want those customers to tell people about you.

This magical one-two punch is what grows your business without inflating your expenses. But to get a handle on those two things requires you get the answers to three things your customers won’t tell you … unless you ask.

No. 1 – Why Do You Enjoy Being My Customer?

Customers continue to do business with you for a number of reasons (good rates, great service, strong rapport), but it’s rare that they’ll volunteer this information without being asked. So ask them.

Find out what you’re doing right, and you can do two things:

  • Do more of the things they like
  • Discover patterns

Get the goods on this question, and you can turn your current customers into do-more-business-with-you customers.

No. 2 – What Else Do You Wish I Did In My Business?

Customers don’t just get products/services from you – they get other products/services before, during and after their transactions with you. Don’t miss this chance to cash in. Find out what else they want, and discover how you can give it to them.

  • If it’s out of your business scope, make deals with trusted vendors and recommend them.

Either way, it’s a chance to tap into more revenue, potentially at a minimum of effort on your part. But you have to ask.

No. 3 – Who Should You Tell About My Business?

People like doing business with you. And chances are high that they know others who would benefit as well … but they won’t volunteer this info off the top of their heads (most of the time). So make it networking with future clients easier by offering incentives.(Be on the lookout for my next post on how to do this)

Give people a good enough reason to spread the word about you, and they surely will. And when your good name becomes a standard of excellence that attracts new customers to you, the effort you put into creating it is money in the bank.



Cornerstones of Business Significance

The Cornerstones of Success and Significance are A Big Motivator and Three Corners.

  • The Big Motivator – or The Big Why – Lifetime Goals
  • Corner #1 – A simple Strategic Plan that runs the daily business
  • Corner #2 – Process Maps and Process Descriptions to create freedom and a reproduceable business (and make it worth a lot more money)
  • Corner #3 – Outside Eyes on your Business to catch the blindspots and bring balance and completeness to my leadership.
  1. The Big Motivator – Why? Why is the least asked question in business and is the most important at every level, from buying a shiny object (Why?) to the reason you do what you do (Why are you in business – what’s the end game?)Businesses that create success and significance for the owners and in the world around them have all answered why and are driven forward by that Big Motivator. What are your Lifetime Goals, and how are you building your business to get you there? Business should have a purpose – what’s yours?
  2. Corner #1 – Where and When? –  The second least asked question in business is “When?”I know exactly what my business looks like at maturity and I have a Business Maturity Date – Feb. 18, 2001, 10am. We all know exactly where we are going on vacation and when we want to be there, and that informs us what we need to do before hand, and how and what to pack. We go blissfully through 30 years of business ownership blindly packing the car of our business day after day with no idea where we are going or when we want to be there. How in the world can we make a decision about today if that decision lives in a vacuum? Is it any wonder most businesses never grow up? Do you have a simple Strategic Plan and a Business Maturity Date?
  3. Corner # 2 How? – Process Mapping is that route to freedom for the small business owner. It gets all the processes out of their head on to paper so they can create quality clones of themselves who will produce as well as they do, so they can stop being control freaks and get a life.A business owner who wants to create success for themselves and significance in the world around them with their business has others doing the production so they can focus on the Important things while others take care of the Urgent things. Do you have your processes mapped on a simple graph with some descriptions of each step? Business freedom is not within your grasp if it’s all in your head.
  4. Corner #3 – Outside Eyes on your business. None of us can figure it all out, and we’re too subjective about and too close to our own businesses to see the potholes.The business owners who are intent on using their businesses to create success and significance all have peer advisors, mentors, advisory groups, or others who can speak to their business. Who are you allowing to see behind the curtain who can help you build success and significance?


Do you have your Big Motivator and your Three Cornerstones? I know, you don’t have time to do this, which is why you’re still on the treadmill. There is no such thing as lack of time, there are only priorities. If getting off the treadmill is a priority, you’ll find the time to not just make money, but build a business that makes money for you, so you can turn your attention to creating success and significance, not just revenue.

10 Reasons You Should Have A Business Coach

Your business is your passion. Whether you own it yourself or part of  the executive team, it is where you spend the majority of your day.  Since that is the  case why would you not want to make sure you are skilled in the fundamentals of  success?  Why are you waiting to get a business coach?

Here are ten reasons about why you should choose a business coach now!

Reason 1. You cannot see every opportunity in front of you if you do not possess  the fundamental skills of success.  A coach trains you in the skills necessary to give  you the ability to see opportunities that will land you the success you desire.

Reason 2. Business coaching will help you craft a plan that provides you with  solutions to your business problems.  A coach does not implement an “out-of-the-  box” approach; instead a they work with you and the uniqueness of your business.

Reason 3. A  business coach will challenge you through questioning to break your prism and see problems/questions in a fresh light.  A coach is not a provider of answers but your guide on your quest for them.

Reason 4. Do you know how much potential your business, you, and your employees have?  Do you know how much money you are losing by not taping into that potential?  Your coach will help you discover your potential and capitalize on it.

Reason 5. You will be challenged to break out of our comfort zone and stretch to find the answers for your business.  Your coach is there to coach you and put you through the paces so that you will grow!

Reason 6. Business coaching helps you get it right the first time so that you do not waste time/money/effort.  Coaching is about skills improvement, opportunity enhancement, and growth.

Reason 7. Coaching costs five times less than a therapist and twenty times less than a consultant.  Return on investment for a business coach is seven to one.

Reason 8. A coach is a neutral ally that will tell you the hard truth.  Your friends and family may be blunt but in the end they will sugar coat their “advice.”  You are in business to succeed.  Your coach will give you the truth so you will.

Reason 9. A coach is focused on your success and therefore dedicated to train you for it.

Reason 10. Indecisiveness is still a decision. A coach will help you make the decisions necessary to move your business, your team, and yourself so that you can take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

By the time you finished reading these ten reasons to choose a coach that  you could have already had one on the phone.

Make no mistake that a business coach is an investment in yourself, your team, and your business.  By making that investment you are setting yourself apart from your competition and creating opportunities for success.

The reality is that not a single person can see all the sides of an issue and no all the unknowns.  As an entrepreneur you understand that and take the risk of running your own business.  By hiring a business coach you make sure that you have all the tools you can possibility have to mitigate the risks you take to succeed.  Having the tools to see opportunities and take advantage of them is what separates the winners from the mediocre and losers.